Tracking Irregular Facebook Usage: Here’s Watching You

Facebook Tracking

Facebook Tracking

Are your employees wasting too much time on Facebook or other social sites? How would you know? Let’s face it, it would be unreasonable not to expect an employee to use the Internet for personal use from time to time. It can easily get out of control, however. In these situations, there are ways one can track and monitor your employee’s use. Such data that an employer might want to track is really secondary to the real power of access to such information. Investigators all of sorts are using Facebook tracking information to gain all sorts of information, including when they logged in, the amount of time spent there and even what users have “liked”.

The World We Live In

Like it or not, Facebook spying is here to stay and it’s only an app download away. The information that used to cost thousands of dollars and involve the resources of many can now be obtain for a few dollars and the click of a button. Facebook tracking information has proven to be useful for many purposes, including parental monitoring, employee tracking and private & criminal investigations.

Facebook Addiction

Do you fear that your child, spouse or other loved one has become addicted to Facebook? It’s no laughing matter. Addictive behavior can be disruptive to the person and family unit. If you suspect someone you care for has a Facebook addiction problem but aren’t sure, ask yourself these questions: Do they attempt to hide their behavior by being seclusive or quickly closing windows when you enter the room? Do they spend their time in public on Facebook instead of interacting with others socially? These are two sure markings of addictive behavior.

Employee Time Management

These days budgets and profit margins are tighter than ever. A company must leverage their resources wisely to succeed and there is no more valuable resource than its employees. Naturally, every employee is going to waste a little company time here and there. But sometimes it goes too far. It seems everyone knows someone at the office that spends the majority of their workday messaging on Facebook.

Facebook holds a wealth of information at your fingertips. As with any new technology, it can be both beneficial and detrimental to your cause. May apps are now available to monitor such activity and harvest the information you need.