Cell Phone Tracker & PC Spy

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Actual Screenshot of PC Spy with Android Software

Why settle for software that provides just a cell phone tracker or PC spy solution when you can have both?

This powerful cell phone tracker and PC Spy software will put all kinds of valuable information at your fingertips. It has many powerful built-in functions that allow you to “spy” on any Windows based PC or Android smartphone!

Why use Cell Phone Tracker or PC Spy software?

  • Find if your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or significant other is cheating online or offline.
  • Monitor your child’s cell phone and Internet activity.
  • Investigate and monitor potential suspicious or criminal activity
  • Keep someone from tampering with your PC or smartphone
  • Monitor your employees’ email and web surfing activity.

Don’t be kept in the dark any longer!  This cell phone tracker & pc spy software is completely undetectable and easy to install on any Windows PC or Android smartphone.

Cell Phone Tracker & PC Spy Awesome Features:

  • Remote install
  • Monitor up to 10 PCs remotely
  • Monitor Unlimited Cell Phones
  • Works behind firewalls
  • Records every keystroke
  • Monitor email, webcam, chat, Internet use and more.

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