What does cell phone spyware do?

cell phone spywareSpy tools became very useful in many instances recently because of the need to be safe. There are several types of spy tools such as the cameras, tracking devices, and spy softwares. Spy software is one of the newest tools yet proves to be good and effective.

Cell Phone Spyware

Spy softwares allow you to monitor the things done on the device where the software is installed. Spy software can be installed in the cellular phones as well. This is commonly done because of the following reasons:

Children Protection

Moms can install cell phone spyware if she is worried about her son or daughter’s cell phone activities. In this way, she can monitor where her child is without the child knowing that he or she is being monitored.

Ensure Productivity

Company cell phones are entrusted to a person. That person shall only use the company phone to do business concerning the company. To ensure that this purpose is addressed, cell phone spy software should be installed. This is done to ensure productivity regarding the company cell phone usage.

Cell phone spy software is only applied to Smartphones, which have Android, Blackberry, and Windows operating system.

What Activities Are Being Monitored?

Almost every activity a person does to a monitored cell phone can be detected. This includes:

Text Messages

You can view every text messaging activity done by a monitored cell phone including the content of the message sent, who the recipient is, what time and date it was sent, and the sender’s number.

 Contacts and Notes

You can monitor everything on the saved contacts and notes of the cell phone being monitored that includes the whole  content of the memo text together with the date and the title, the name, phone number, email, and company affiliated as written on the cellular phone.

 Websites Visited

You can view what sites the cell phone holder views in specific. It is possible to view the URL of the sites. Most likely, you can also monitor the YouTube and Gmail activities of the cell phone being monitored.

 GPS Tracking

You can view the map and the location of the cellular phone being monitored provided that there is a GPS signal available in the place.

 Environment Monitoring

Some software also have the environment monitoring feature that enables you to remotely record audio and remotely capture spy photos that only you will know.

How does this work?

Cell phone spy software is basically downloaded. However, before downloading this software, you are required to create an account first to the software provider. This account is an online account and you can open it on any browser. You will then be given the software that you will download and install in the cellular device you want to monitor. Once you have installed it successfully, all of the details of that cellular phone will then be sent to your account. Registering an account and downloading the software is not for free. You need to pay for it commonly for a term.